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Contrary to what you are told fast broadband is available to most people in Ireland. The problem for big providers is that each house needs an individual installation and it much more convenient for the big companies to run a cable to the door.

Individual Installs are a huge logistic problem and they are not setup for this kind of operation. So none of the big players have entertained this approach and there is no state aid.

But there is a big win-fall for the mobile phone companies.

Which is where we come in we have put together and trained a team of installers to facilitate rural community and give what is now considered a basic necessity. We test for strongest mobile phone signal at your home or business

we supply and fit the equipment to capture the best mobile phone signal at your house or business. You then provide us with a sim card from that provider.  We insert that phone sim card into the modem and you pay the mobile provider for the service.

What we do.

Install an antenna to capture the strongest mobile phone signal.

Fix The antenna to stabilize reception and amplify to boost the speed.

Cable feed the signal to a specially modified modem to accept a mobile phone sim card.

What you get

Broadband Speeds 25 to 47mg average .

This will give the user ample speeds carry out your on farm activities to work from home and do day to internet streaming etc..

The speed may slow a bit between 5pm and & 7pm as people return from work and logon to check emails etc.

We can also provide further facilities for companies that need a broader spread and more coverage.

Broadband for all Connecting you to the World